Fardin Khan Karimi
Very testy food & best prices
naveen kumar
After a long time went to Stoneridge Mall and saw this place. Ordered Goat Curry with Tandoori Roti. Understand the manpower shortage made me wait for a while. To be honest it was totally worth the wait. Curry was super delicious and meat well cooked. Unlike other places it didn't came out of the premade and microwaved. Would definitely recommend it and certainly come back. Super friendly staff. Thank You for great food.
Abigail Mae Pitcher (Abbey Mae)
An absolutely incredible gem tucked into the second floor of the mall next to JC Penny. Super affordable prices, great quantity of food, and the quality is spot on. We got their bhindi and chana masala. Just divine. Complimentary chai and infused water to boot. So happy with my experience here! Would highly recommend.
Hogan H.
Found this place in the StoneRidge mall and I must say the dishes here rivaled the best indian sit down resaurants in the east bay. I had the chicken curry, and the sauce was flavorful with just the right amount of spiciness. And the naan was fresh baked to order and was hot and delicious. The best thing was the price. Given the inflation trend, I see too many restaurants raising prices to beyond what I considered fair. This place still had the right price point making this a good value. If you're in the stoneridge mall, give this place a try for a quick flavorful meal.
Derek W.
See some reviews on service but for a counter order shopping mall food stop, I don't expect them to be providing restaurant grade service. What's important to me is good quality, taste, and value and on all three of those metrics. I think they do a great job. Good size portions that will leave you bringing some home, tasty and fairly wide assortment, oh and great price, if you missed that earlier.
Katie Werlwas
Very tasty and nice owner
Marina Amin
Love their food! We go there at Luch time and enjoy their tea and delicious foods. I am so glad we have one at our mall.